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About David Estrada and his EZeeBUY Fraud (also known as “EZeeBUY Experiences”, EZeeRetail and NZO Technologies).


This website provides the history and details about EZeeBUY – a scam perpetrated by David Estrada.  This information is provided to the public so that no one else is defrauded by this scam.  Click “Latest News” for the newest information.

Please be aware that all original co-founders of EZeeBUY, who were defrauded by David Estrada, continue to seek justice via the authorities. We WILL NOT STOP until Estrada is prosecuted for his crimes and/or repays the money he stole.

–>> EZeeFRAUD has recently been named as one of the 51  “Best Fraud Detection Startups” by Welp Magazine

  See Latest News for more.

David Estrada is the founder of EZeeBUY (also known as “EZeeBUY Experiences” and “EZeeRETAIL“).  He secured funding from 9 co-founders, and embezzled all of the money from the company – then kicked the co-founders out.  The Japanese police, when investigating the crime, discovered that shortly after each co-founder wired their investment to Estrada, he visited the bank branch and withdrew the money IN CASH.  All funds remain unaccounted for to this day. 

If EZeeBUY is not a total fraud, then perhaps the founder, David Estrada, would like to provide a full accounting of the capital invested from all 9 co-founders.  Where did the money go, David? We await your response … you can forward full audited financials via email to admin@ezeefraud.com.  Once they are received and verified (or alternatively, all co-founders refunded), this site will cease operation.

もしEzeeBUYが不正でなければ、創設者のエストラーダ・デイビッドは、9人の共同創設者より集めた資金を示すすべての会計報告を提出するべきだ。資金は今どこにあり、どのように運用されたのか。admin@ezeefraud.com 宛に監査済み財務諸表を送信して欲しい。



Estrada is an American citizen living in Tokyo, Japan.  He has been living in Japan for more than 20 years, and has a verified history of fraud and theft in the Tokyo community.  He has used a previous membership in the prestigious Tokyo American Club to con members into lending him money (which he never repays) or “investing” into a business (where everyone gets defrauded).

In late 2017 / early 2018, he founded a company called EZeeBUY and used it as a vehicle to defraud numerous investors, advisors, employees, and vendors.    For a full report on this scam, see the Fraudulent Activities section of this website.  For other interesting tidbits of information about Estrada, see the Hall of Shame section.


2017年後半から2018年前半にかけてEZeeBUYという会社を設立し、その会社を拠点に投資家、アドバイザー、雇用者、及びベンダーなどを含む実に多くの人々に対しての詐欺行為を実行していました。詐欺行為の詳細については、このウェブサイトにあるFraudulent Activitiesを参照してください。またエストラーダ氏本人についての情報についてはHall of Shameをご参照ください。

Company Crunchbase Profile

Following are details of Estrada’s Crunchbase profile for EZeeBUY.  Note the “Also Known As” entries – Estrada frequently comes up with alternative names for this scam in order to fool investors.  He also uses the name “NZO Technologies”.  Additionally, Estrada tries to promote EZeeBUY as headquartered in the US – sometimes on the East Coast, sometimes in Palo Alto. The truth is that he has no offices, operations, or anything in the US – it’s just a scam to lure investors. 

Our Mission

We are the EZeeFRAUD Team – a group of investors & advisors who were defrauded by David Estrada in his EZeeBUY scam.

This is a WHISTLE-BLOWING website.  Whistle-blowing is protected under both US LAW and JAPANESE LAW.

Any abuse reports filed against this website are frivolous and unfounded.

This website does not present any copyrighted, trademarked, or private information – everything here is either in the public domain, or has at one time been in the public domain.

We encourage ANYONE who is considering investing in EZeeBUY or doing business with David Estrada in any form, to CONDUCT THEIR OWN THOROUGH DUE DILIGENCE – and we are revealing here the results of our own due diligence and experiences, so that others will not be defrauded.  Our mission is to assist in the criminal prosecution of the EZeeBUY founder, and ensure that those who have been defrauded are repaid in full.