The David Estrada Hall of Shame

This section will detail the many lies, frauds, and past criminal activity of David Estrada.

Theft of Powa Assets
Powa 資産の横領

In March of 2017, Powa Technologies entered administration.  For our American friends, that means BANKRUPTCY.  You can read about it here, and here. The founder and CEO, Dan Wagner, was even kicked out on his ass.  At the time Powa went into administration, David Estrada was the so-called “Japan CEO” (as he states on his profile on his personal website).  As Powa’s “Man In Japan”, Estrada set up and had access to Powa’s bank accounts in Japan.  During the final couple of quarters before Powa’s bankruptcy, the company had a large client in Japan:  Costco Japan, who were processing B2B invoices using PowaTag.  This business was generating tens of thousands of US dollars in revenues every month, and in fact this was Powa’s biggest customer globally at the time of its collapse.

Shortly after Powa entered administration, global chaos ensued with employees not being paid and no one really knowing what was going to become of the former “unicorn status” company.  Estrada took this opportunity to raid Powa’s Japanese bank account, and take the money for himself.  At the time Powa entered administration, there was over US$200,000 in Powa’s Japanese bank account.  This somehow escaped the notice of Powa’s administrators, Deloitte. 

These funds remain unaccounted for to this day.

2017年3月Powa Technologiesが破産申請をしました。アメリカでは“BANKRUPTCY”という用語が一般的に使われます。それについては、こちらとこちらを参照してください。創設者であり同時にCEOであったダン ワグナー(Dan Wagner)氏は会社を追放されました。デイヴィッド エストラーダ氏はいわゆる“日本支社のCEO”(これはあくまでも本人が自身のブログのプロファイル欄にそう載せているだけですが)でした。日本支社のCEOであった彼はPowaが当時所有していた銀行口座へアクセスする権利を与えられていました。破産する前の数か月の間Powaには日本に大口の顧客がいました。コストコジャパンはB2B部門でPowaTagを利用していました。事実グローバルなスケールでコストコはPowaに多大なる収益を与えていました。Powaが倒産し、従業員は給与を受け取ることができず、元ユニコーン企業(10億ドルの評価額を得るスタートアップ企業)に一体何が起こったのかについての説明は一切行われないという大混乱が起きました。エストラーダ氏はこの混乱を見逃しませんでした。彼はPowaの日本の銀行口座にアクセスし、資金を横領したのです。銀行口座には当時総額約2000万円が入っていました。しかも彼自身の口からこの横領について一種の武勇伝として数回にわたりEzeebuyの投資家に伝えられていました。驚くべきは、Powaの破産宣告後監査を担当したデロイト(Deloitte)が、この事実を見つけることができなかったことです。このお金は未だに使途不明なままです。


During the initial period when Estrada was forming EZeeBUY, he approached a member of the Tokyo American Club, Jonas Seme, and invited him to “invest” in EZeeBUY.  Fortunately for Jonas, several other members of TAC warned him about Estrada – that he was a fraud, and had embezzled money from a number of other TAC members.

However, that didn’t stop Estrada from FORGING Jonas’ signature on a JPortal Partners corporate resolutions document.  (JPortal Partners was Estrada’s company, and the holding company for EZeeBUY).

On the corporate resolutions document presented here, the signature of Jonas Seme is FORGED.  We are in possession of ADDITIONAL JPortal corporate resolutions documents, where Estrada has forged the signatures – and we will be publishing those soon.

エストラーダ氏がEzeebuyを創設したばかりの頃、彼は東京アメリカンクラブのメンバーであるジョナス セミ氏にアプローチをし、Ezeebuyへ投資するように話をもちかけました。幸運にも東京アメリカンクラブのメンバーの中にエストラーダ氏について警告する人物がいました。エストラーダ氏は、詐欺行為をし、他のアメリカンクラブのメンバーからお金をだまし取った経緯があることは、メンバーの中ではすでに周知の事実でした。

しかし、投資を得ることには失敗したエストラーダ氏ですが、別の方法で偽装を企てました。JPortal Partners(JPortal Partnersは、エストラーダ氏自身の会社でEZeeBUYの持ち株会社です。)の取締役決議書類に偽装したセミ氏の署名を使用したのです。

下記に示した取締役決議書類上のジョナス セミ氏の署名は偽装です。現在新たな偽装署名が使用されたJPortal Partnersの書類も入手予定です。入手後直ちに公開いたします。

Estrada loves to objectify women, by attending private sex parties, photographing naked women and posting them on his public website.

The EZeeFRAUD Team have received pictures posted by Estrada placing him and his wife – Haruko Estrada – at alcohol and sex-filled debauchery events throughout Tokyo.  Estrada posted and boasted about 25 different events.  (1)

David places himself and his wife at a specific event (2) at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club Ex and posts the following photos that objectify naked women, adult entertainers, and others.  He posts pictures of himself (check out those doofus shades!) and his wife holding alcohol and posing with JAV and other entertainers and friends.

DAVID:  Objectifying women is wrong in ANY culture … you probably didn’t get written approval to publish nude photos of these women … right?

Certainly you wouldn’t want them posting these kind of photos of YOUR wife, would you?  Scumbag.





Please Note:  All photos taken from the public domain:



Criminal Records of David Estrada



Details of the criminal records in the USA (Travis & Williamson Counties, Texas) of the EZeeBUY founder, David Estrada:



1. Case Number C-1-CR-90-334090 | Offense: Fraud (Issuance of Bad Check) | Date of Offense: 31-Aug-1989 | 

    Offender:  David Eric Estrada, DOB: 26-Mar-1968



2. Case Number C-1-CR-90-346949 | Offense: Fraud (Issuance of Bad Check)  |  Date of Offense: 10-Jan-1990| 

    Offender:  David Eric Estrada, DOB: 26-Mar-1968



3. Case Number C-1-CR-94-413654 | Offense: Fraud (Issuance of Bad Check) |  Date of Offense: 22-Jun-1993| 

    Offender: David Eric Estrada, DOB: 26-Mar-1968



4. Case Number 25251 | Offense: Theft (Check Class B)  |  Date of Offense: 14-Apr-1989  |

    Offender:  David Eric Estrada, DOB: 26-Mar-1968



5. Case Number 94-1580-2  |  Offense: Theft (By check)  |  Date of Offense: n/a  | 

    Offender:  David Eric Estrada, DOB: 26-Mar-1968



All of the above criminal records can be found in the public domain.  This list will be updated for pending criminal charges and investigations currently underway.  Criminal records can be obtained via a search of the Public Domain – for example, by using TruthFinder

Unprovable Claims of Luxury Car Ownership

We recently learned that David Estrada’s personal website has been archived in the public domain.  To view it and to view his many unfounded lies and misrepresentations please peruse the history.  Note:  the web archive doesn’t always render every photo perfectly, but it does capture many of the unprovable claims that David Estrada shared with business colleagues, friends, and co-workers.  Many links that don’t render at first can still be clicked on to see the actual archived picture that Estrada posted on his website.

In the screen shots below, you will see false claims of luxury car ownership and unprovable claims that Estrada actually worked at Microsoft Corporation in Japan.  Estrada has previously told friends and colleagues that he owns 11 Ferraris, and has a wine collection with 30,000 bottles.  

Go to:

Search on:

Select the desired archived content for your own evaluation

In this post, Estrada boasts of working at Microsoft Corporation, and buying a Ferrari







In this post, Estrada displays “his” Ferrari.  He even displays the Ferrari VIN number as a sort of “proof” that it exists.



  • When checking this VIN number against the internationally recognized VIN database, curiously the car doesn’t even exist.  Try for yourself.
  • Enter the VIN number Estrada claims to own from his website:  ZFFXR41B000110588
  • See the search result: it shows this car does not exist!
  • 国際的に信用度の高いVIN databaseを使用して、写真のVIN番号を検索したところ、このVIN番号は存在しないことが判明しました。 
  • VIN databaseよりZFFXR41B000110588を入力してみてください。 
  • あなたの検索結果からもこの車が存在しないことがお分かりになるはずです。 

Given Estrada’s bold claims of Ferrari ownership, and given the VIN numbers he provided on the site don’t even correspond with any actual Ferrari by the internationally recognized VIN database, the reader is left to conclude that this is one large fraudulent claim by David Estrada.

And another thing:  If you wanted to show off to your friends that you own a Ferrari, wouldn’t you maybe post photos of YOURSELF STANDING NEXT TO THE FERRARI?

In fact, he has claimed numerous times to numerous co-workers that he owns 11 Ferraris.  There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that this is true.  Also, he walks everywhere in Tokyo, where he lives.  






False Claims of a Harvard Degree

Estrada claims he is a graduate of Harvard University.  However, investigations by the EZeeFRAUD Team have proven this to be false.  Estrada included this claim in the bio he submitted to (an aggregated news site about Artificial Intelligence) – which can be found here. Under his bio, it says:

エストラーダ氏の経歴では、彼は、名門ハーバード大学より学位を得たことになっています。しかし我々EZeeFRAUDチームの調査によると、これは全くの嘘でエストラーダ氏が学歴詐欺を行っていたことが判明しました。この学歴詐欺の情報は AI総合ニュースサイト)に載っています。こちら(here)をクリックするとご覧いただけます。エストラーダ氏の経歴ページには、以下のような記述があります。書かれていることが本当であれば、多くの人たちがエストラーダ氏のビジネスパートナーになりたいと思うでしょう。 


For a long period of time, Estrada also listed a degree from Harvard on his LinkedIn page.  He has since removed it, after this site published the fact that it was a total fabrication.  Here is a pdf download of his LinkedIn page before he removed his fake Harvard Degree:


The EZeeFRAUD Team have done a full background check on Estrada, including his educational credentials.  Turns out, he has NO DEGREE FROM HARVARD UNIVERSITY.  Here are the results of checking Estrada’s Harvard degree with the National Student Clearinghouse:

EZeeFRAUDチームは、エストラーダ氏の経歴を含む綿密なバックグラウンド調査を行いました。結果として、エストラーダ氏の学歴に対する情報は、すべて嘘だったことが判明しました。彼はハーバード大学からの学歴を取得していません。下記のスクリーンショットがNational Student Clearinghouseによるハーバード大学学位についての検索結果です。 

Estrada also claims to have an undergraduate degree from St. Edwards University.  He still lists this claim on his LinkedIn page.  However, due diligence reveals that this is also false. To be clear, despite listing “St. Edwards Management & Business, International Business” on his linkedin and personal profiles, Estrada earned NO DEGREE from St. Edwards University. On his LinkedIn profile he displays St. Edwards academic work such that an average person would conclude he has a degree in Business and International Studies from this University. His listing leads the average reader to believe he has a double major in both Management & Business and International Business. This conclusion helps bolster an image about Estrada that he is long tenured in business and well trained in business. It leverages the strong academic reputation of St. Edwards University and elevates Estrada in the process. In fact, Estrada did not study Management & Business. We know this to be true because there is no such degree of study called “Management & Business” at the school. 

See for yourself here.

Verify for yourself:

• People interested in potentially working with Estrada should ask him about his undergraduate degree. Ask Estrada for an official transcript of his classes to be sent directly from the Registrar’s office to verify which classes he actually took and how he performed.
• Inquire why Estrada has a misleading double major listed on his LinkedIn profile.
• Understand precisely which classes Estrada actually has formal academic training in.
• Ask why he never earned an undergraduate degree.
• Inquire why Estrada listed Harvard University on his LinkedIn and personal profile for so long, despite having no academic association with Harvard.

Answers to the above questions may influence why you would want to invest money or time or your business network with Estrada.

Be careful.

エストラーダ氏は自身の学歴にセントエドワーズ大学を卒業したと公表しています。この学歴も嘘であったことが判明しました。LinkedInページ上では、セントエドワーズ大学でマネージメントと国際ビジネスを勉強したことになっていますが、実はエストラーダ氏はセントエドワーズ大学を卒業していません。彼の虚偽の(マネージメントと国際ビジネスの二重専攻)学歴から誰もが、ビジネスを勉強し、ビジネスに精通している人間像を思い浮かべることでしょう。事実エストラーダ氏が掲載したマネージメント&ビジネス(“Management & Business”)という専攻自体存在しません。

We’re beginning to wonder if he ever graduated from High School….

Video of Investor Presentation

Below is a video of an investor presentation made by David Estrada during the Asian roadshow sponsored by Priority Token.  Estrada makes numerous false claims and misrepresentations in this presentation, seeking to defraud more investors:

  • None of the app functionality that he describes existed at the time of this presentation.  He’s basically selling vaporware here.
  • Around the 5:00 mark, he claims EZeeBUY has already built anonymous clusters of consumers.  This is untrue.
  • Around the 5:27 mark, he talks about something he calls “precision personalized branding” (whatever that means).  It’s nonsense – doesn’t exist.
  • In the presentation, all of his features and product names have the “TM” symbol, leading investors to believe they are trademarked.  In fact, no trademarks exist of have been applied for.  This can be verified using trademark databases in the public domain.
  • At the 5:50 mark, he claims the technology can identify brands and preferences in the consumer’s photo library.  This functionality does not exist.
  • At the 6:30 mark, he claims EZeeBUY have “already signed a retail partner”.  At the time of this presentation, no contracts with retail partners were signed.
  • At the 7:20 mark, Estrada claims that EZeeBUY is fully integrated with all social media platforms.  Again, not true.
  • At the 7:45 mark, Estrada again claims EZeeBUY has “signed” a retail partner, and identifies this partner as Toys”R”Us Japan.  No contact was ever signed with Toys”R”Us Japan.
  • At the 9:30 mark, Estrada explains estimated viral user adoption driven by social media.  All of these numbers are made up … they are based on nothing.
  • At the 9:52 mark, Estrada shows a number of EZeeBUY partners – The only ACTUAL partnership on that slide is with Priority Token, who were also defrauded.  They were never paid for the work they performed for EZeeBUY, per their contract (signed by David Estrada).
  • At the 10:21 mark, Estrada displays a slide showing the Leadership Team.  EVERY PERSON on that slide was defrauded by Estrada – he took their investment in EZeeBUY, and spent it on his own personal luxury lifestyle.  Capital contributed to EZeeBUY from co-founders remain unaccounted for to this day.
  • At the 10:48 mark, Estrada claims he was involved with raising $12 million for a company called MPayME.  Estrada NEVER worked for MPayMe, and had NOTHING to do with the capital raised by that company.
  • The biggest lie:  At the 11:02 mark, Estrada claims EZeeBUY has raised $2 million in investment capital.  In fact, the ONLY capital raised was approx. $160,000 from co-founders, who were ALL defrauded.  At the 11:02 mark, he claims the founders put in $500,000 (I’m sure he wishes that was the case … more money for him to steal.). At the 11:12 mark, he claims $600,000 was raised by “seed investors” – this is a blatant lie.  At the 11:27 mark, he claims $1 million has been raised “in the last 2 weeks” … another total fabrication.
  •  At the 12:00 mark, Estrada shows a slide listing numerous advisors, and claims half of them are also investors.  This is actually TRUE – the bad news, however, is that they were defrauded too.
  • At the 12:38 mark, Estrada repeats false claims about how much money EZeeBUY has raised.

The purpose of sharing this video is to demonstrate the lengths Estrada will go to in order to defraud investors.

Wai Chun Fund

As part of his ongoing EZeeBUY fraud, Estrada at one point convinced an investment fund in Hong Kong to invest in EZeeBUY.  The name of this company is Wai Chun Fund and they are headquartered in Hong Kong.  The EZeeFRAUD Team understand that, acting on a tip, one of the original co-founders of EZeeBUY who had been defrauded, blew the whistle and provided the directors of Wai Chun Fund evidence of Estrada’s fraud.  It is understood that Wai Chun were preparing to invest up to US $2.5 million into EZeeBUY when they were alerted to this evidence of potential fraud.

After reviewing the evidence with external legal counsel, Wai Chun Fund decided to withdraw their offer to invest in EZeeBUY, and ceased all contact/communication with David Estrada citing potential damage to their reputation from being associated with a fraudster and known criminal.  We would recommend that ANY BUSINESS seeking to invest in EZeeBUY or considering doing business with David Estrada in any form, take lessons from the experience of Wai Chun Fund who, if not alerted prior to their investment, would have been defrauded of up to US $2.5 million.

The EZeeFRAUD Tip Line

Some of you out there may be wondering how we obtain information as to what the fraudster David Estrada is up to.  Or how we find out about the many frauds he perpetrated prior to EZeeBUY, or who he’s ripped off in the past (for example, borrowing money from Tokyo American Club members, and never paying it back).  Well, much of the information comes from people like YOU!  We often receive anonymous tips from former “friends” of Estrada, or from people whom he has defrauded in the past.  For example, here is an anonymous tip we recently received:

So please KEEP THOSE TIPS COMING, good people!  The only way we can prevent Estrada from defrauding others is to expose his frauds to the world.  You can email us anonymously at:

Thank you!