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Attempts to silence us, threaten us, or have this website removed only hardens our resolve to take further action.  Remember our mission: to ensure that those who have been defrauded by David Estrada are repaid in full.  When that occurs, this website will serve no useful purpose and will be shut down.

The Estrada Crime Family

As a result of our continued investigations, it appears David Estrada’s entire family are criminals.  Either they have criminal records, defaults, or liens of their own – or they actively assist in helping David Estrada evade the police.  

Following is information obtained from the public domain about each member of the Estrada Crime Family. 

Enzo & Alonzo Estrada

These two little shit-stains are David Estrada’s sons.  They currently attend Westwood High School in Austin, TX.  The newest additions to the Estrada Crime Family, are most likely currently being trained in car-theft or some kind of online scamming. 

With a father like David Estrada, these two little punk-ass bitches have ZERO chance at an honest, successful life.  We will monitor their movements, and periodically report their activities here on EZeeFRAUD.  In the meantime, keep your valuables locked up when these two ghetto rats are around!!

Modesto "Tito" Estrada

Relation:   David Estrada’s Father

Date of Birth:  14 March 1942 

Address:  12214 Wallingstone Ln, Austin, TX 78750


Phone:  (512) 219-1417

Estrada’s father has been informed, on numerous occasions, about his son’s criminal activity and chooses to do nothing. He appears to be retired, or works occasionally for Estrada Service Company which appears to be an Air Conditioning and Plumbing Service.  We doubt he is licensed to perform these services, but we are checking. The business could very well function to launder money for his son’s criminal activities.  If you have been defrauded by his son, we recommend you give him a call or send him an email to let him know.

Estrada Crime Headquarters

Here is a photo of Estrada Crime Headquarters, at 12214 Wallingstone Ln in Austin, TX.  Looks like a real dump. 

Martha Moreno Estrada

Relation:   David Estrada’s Mother

Date of Birth:  10 March 1943 

Address:  12214 Wallingstone Ln, Austin, TX 78750


Phone:  (512) 219-1417

The EZeeFRAUD Team have contacted Estrada’s mother on numerous occasions to inform her about the criminal activities of her son – she appears either not to care, or actively assists her son to evade the police.  We have discovered that David Estrada still receives mail at the Wallingstone Ln address, so is using it for something. Martha is very religious, as you can tell from her Facebook Profile, but seems to be unconcerned that her son will likely burn in hell from stealing from so many people.  Just a fake Christian, we assume.

Letty Miller

Relation:   David Estrada’s Sister

Date of Birth:  11 December 1969 

Address:  1036 Palos Verdes Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Phone:  (206) 226-3742

Estrada’s sister has recently been sent evidence of her brother’s crimes, but instead of helping the victims has chosen to assist her brother to evade the police.  This is typical behavior from the Estrada crime family.  The sister works for a company called Impact Group, and lists Redondo Beach as the location on her LinkedIn Profile.  They are a Sales and Marketing Agency in the CPG space.  Their phone number is (208) 343-5800 – Letty lists her job title as “Director, Personal Care & Supplements”.  Letty recently removed her photo from her LinkedIn Profile, which we think is odd.  

WARNING to potential employers:

Letty Miller mis-represents her educational credentials on LinkedIn.  She lists the University of Texas at Austin on her LinkedIn profile, and claims she attended for 3 years – possibly leading people to believe she has a degree in Marketing.  Here is a screen shot of the Education section in her profile:

The reality is that she only attended this university for ONE year (majoring in SPANISH?!?), and does not have any college degree at all.  We are reminded of her criminal brother, David Estrada, who used to claim a degree from Harvard University and still claims a degree from St. Edwards University, both of which are FALSE.  It appears the whole family lies about their education.  Following is proof of Letty’s lies and mis-representation:

Letty also has numerous aliases that she goes by.  One has to ask why a person would use so many aliases if they are not involved in some kind of criminal activity?  These aliases include:

Modesto Andres Estrada

Relation:   David Estrada’s Brother

Date of Birth:  11 February 1975 

Address:  17010 NE 112th Way, Redmond, WA 98052


Phone:  (425) 531-1898

David Estrada’s little brother is a real piece of work, with numerous criminal records, liens, and civil judgements.  These are listed below.  According to his LinkedIn Profile, Modesto currently works at CrowdStrike as a Program Manager, and previously worked at Microsoft.  He has a Facebook Account, but it’s not really very active.  But the really interesting thing about little Modesto is his criminal record, which includes theft and numerous civil judgements.  We can’t help but wonder if his employer knows about all of this.  Modesto has also been informed of his brother’s criminal activity, but chooses to do nothing – and instead actively assists his brother to avoid prosecution.

Modesto Estrada – Criminal Records and Civil Judgements

  1.  Theft:  Dallas County Municipal Court.  Case number M-9703633.  Date: June 16, 1996
  2.  Civil Judgement:  Williamson, TX.   $6,500  Court Case Number: 06-1603-CC4  Recording Date: Feb 28, 2007
  3.  Civil Judgement:  Williamson County Court  $4,000  Court Case Number: 061603CC4  Filing Date: Feb 27, 2007
  4.  Civil New Filing:  Dallas JP CT 4-2, Irving  $unkown   Court Case Number: 9700416L

Theresa Estrada

Relation:  Married to David Estrada’s criminal brother, Modesto

Date of Birth:  Unknown

Address:  17010 NE 112th Way, Redmond, WA 98052


Phone:  Unknown

Twitter:  @TheresaEstrada

Theresa  is married to Modesto Estrada (David Estrada’s little brother) who is a verified criminal with a record just like big brother (see details below).  Theresa works for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager Lead, and has worked there since 1999 (23 years!).  At least there is ONE Estrada that can hold down a job without embezzling money from her employer.  She refers to herself as “soccer mom extraordinaire” on her Twitter bio – well, good for her. 

The reality is that she’s a member of a family involved in significant criminal activity.  We suspect her husband, Modesto, is actively assisting his brother to evade the police as he is currently under investigation for theft and embezzlement in Japan.  We believe David Estrada has fled Japan and is hiding in the USA – most likely with assistance from Theresa and her husband Modesto. 

We have to wonder if Microsoft knowingly employs someone like Theresa who has links to family members involved in criminal activity.  

Haruko Estrada

This is David Estrada’s most recent

wife, Haruko Estrada.

He has two previous wives:  Monica Luna, and Keiko Estrada 

Estrada's Wife: How She Benefits from Stolen Funds エストラーダ氏の妻による盗まれたお金の使い道

The other sections of this website have detailed how David Estrada perpetrates numerous frauds, and has embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars through his EZeeBUY SCAM.  One of the beneficiaries of David Estrada’s crimes appears to be his wife, Haruko Estrada.


On her various social media accounts, she flaunts expensive clothes and designer handbags costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Where does the money come from to purchase these extravagant items?  It’s nice that she can live a luxury lifestyle from the proceeds of her husband’s crimes.  Here are just a few examples of what she can buy with money stolen from innocent people:


Expensive Designer Clothing

Fine Dining at Expensive Restaurants

Designer Shoes

Luxury Handbags

WARNING: Haruko Estrada lives the high life from the proceeds of CRIME