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David Estrada Located!!!

The EZeeBUY investigation team recently visited Austin, Texas where David Estrada’s parents live.  The Estrada Crime Headquarters is located in a scummy suburb of Austin, where his parents Tito and Martha live.  Our investigation team drove by the delapidated, junk-infested house and had a chat with Tito Estrada himself – who verified that David Estrada is indeed living there.  We believe his two sons, Enzo and Alonso, also reside there (poor kids) and attend nearby Westwood High School.  

For anyone defrauded by David Estrada, he can be found at the following address:  12214 Wallingstone Ln, Austin, TX 78750

Estrada has fled Japan after multiple police interrogations for his crimes in Tokyo, and has landed at his parents house in Austin.   We have alerted the US authorities of his whereabouts. 

David Estrada = George Santos?

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George Santos

David Estrada

Uses Fake Names

It was unearthed that he leaned into his false background, sharing to a since-deleted Facebook page a GoFundMe fundraiser that used the alias “Anthony Zabrovsky”


Creates own alias in emails and via social media profiles

Under Investigation by:

USA county, state and federal prosecutors

Japan criminal prosecutors, Japan police

Fictional Family Life & Early Career

Under Investigation
Claims to be half-Black
Claims his family’s Jewish last name was Zabrovsky
“9/11 claimed” his mother’s life after she’d “fled socialism” in Europe.


Multiple arrests earlier in his career (true)

Claimed to be heir to LLD Diamonds

Claimed to be engaged to and briefly married to heir to candy fortune

Claimed he owned 11 Ferraris, and a country home in Japan with a wine cellar – containing 30,000 bottles of wine.


Claimed that he received a degree in economics and finance from CUNY’s Baruch College in 2010.
Falsely claimed on his campaign website that he graduated from the prestigious Horace Mann School in the Bronx, before dropping out four months before graduation because of financial trouble, but the school has “no evidence” that Santos ever attended. Ed Alder, a spokesman for the school, said officials there “checked all the records and all the aliases. He (Santos) did not attend Horace Mann.”


Falsely claimed for many years he was a Harvard graduate before Harvard officials compelled him to remove that from his LinkedIn profile. There is no record whatsoever that Estrada ever attended Harvard in any capacity.
Falsely claimed he graduated college (he never did). He has no college degree. (Not even sure he graduated high school either).

Work Experience

On the campaign trail, Santos billed himself as a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor” and claimed he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. But during the Post interview, the soon-to-be-lawmaker clarified that he “never worked directly” with either of the financial institutions.

Around the same time Santos claimed that he was working his way through the financial sector, a Times investigation shows that he was a customer service agent at a Dish Network call center in Queens.


Claims he is CEO of his fake company.

Says he founded Microsoft Japan

Multiple former employers fired Estrada for stealing funds from their firms.  Multiple firms involved with lawsuits. 

Try to get a reference from any prior employer of Estrada – they will not provide a solid reference, recommendation, or be able to openly discuss his shady background due to lawsuits filed by Estrada.

Wealth and Assets

Santos tweeted in February 2021 that he owned 13 rental properties where tenants had not paid rent for a year. “We worked hard to acquire these assets. Now it almost feels like we are being punished,” he wrote. But in the Post interview he admitted he does not own any real estate and lives at his sister Tiffany’s home in Huntington.

Santos’ tweet railing against his fictitious tenants came four years after he was evicted for at least the third time in Queens, according to housing records surfaced by The New York Times.

Claimed to own 13 rental properties. (In fact, he was a deadbeat tenant who currently lives with his sister, the New York Post reported.)


Multiple Pics of Ferraris on social media feed.
Estrada displayed pictures of his 11 Ferraris he “owned” [in his imagination] on his personal website.

Made claims to fellow ezeebuy founders that he owns a country home in Japan that houses 20,000 bottles of wine, including the entire collection of wine for the Tokyo American Club.


Lies about background, experiences to befriend people. Then steals from them. Chronic long-term liar. No backbone. Likely delusional. 

Lies about background, experiences to befriend people. Then steals from them. Chronic long-term liar. No backbone. Likely delusional. 

Marriage Lies & Failures

Santos didn’t disclose his hetro marriage!
The Daily Beast then reported on Dec. 22 that he’d been married to a woman from 2012 to 2017 while claiming to be openly gay.

Doesn’t disclose his prior 3 marriages!
Slept with multiple women at the Tokyo American Club, where he would rent a hotel room at the club to then have sex with women from the club.


  • Claims people are after him
  • Wanted by police across multiple precincts (and even multiple countries)
  • Not sure of his drug use, but believable if he is discovered to use illegal substances
  • Claims prior victims are just colluding to ruin his life
  • Doesn’t pay rent
  • Has been arrested and disgraced, but keeps trying to con people
  • Has a team who helps him cheat people
  • Claims people are after him
  • Wanted by police across multiple precincts (and even multiple countires)
  • Has been known to use MDMA and Cocaine – provided summer interns with Cocaine
  • Claims prior victims are just colluding to ruin his life
  • Doesn’t pay rent (LIVES WITH PARENTS!)
  • Has defrauded many victims from multiple countries
  • Has been arrested and discraced, but keeps trying to con people
  • Has a team who helps him cheat people (parents, siblings, and ex-wife Haruko)

Prosperous Liar

Claims he previously worked for the Israeli Military

Claims he installed EZeeBUY across all Disney stores in Japan (verified as false)


  • Blames President Biden for lies
  • The New York Times published a damning piece pulling apart his entire resume, from his claim to having worked in the top ranks of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, to his non-existent dog charity, and Ponzi scheme work.
  • Writes hate letters to the employers of prior EZeeBUY co-founders, trying to get them fired
  • Tries non-stop to con people and institutions to give him money that he never pays back
  • Lives with his parents – can’t be a bigger loser than that!

Multiple Cloned Websites

Convicted criminal and verified fraudster David Estrada maintains multiple website clones for his EZeeBUY scam:  EZeeBUY Experiences, EZeeRETAIL Experiences, EZeeRETAIL, and 

These sites are created to thwart search engines and serve as an extended arm of “lead generation” to gather more money by conning more people.  If you encounter these websites, please realize they are clones of each other.  The sites are also replicated in Social Media.  Estrada believes that by cloning his fraudulent websites, it will gibe him more search engine visibility and reach more victims.  As mentioned elsewhere on this site, if you are thinking about engaging David Estrada or any member of the Estrada Crime Family, be extremely cautious and diligent. Check with the original co-founders of EZeeBUY for references (they are available via Social Media and LinkedIn).  BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. 

Still Pretending to Own New York Grill

We have been informed that David Estrada is masquerading around telling people he owns New York Grill restaurant. He even has it listed on one of his fake profile pages. Others have reported about his fake wine collection, his fake Ferrari collection and other tales (mentioned elsewhere on this site). If you encounter Estrada or his sidekick former wife Haruko Matsuoaka Estrada, carefully check out any claims of ownership and we encourage you to be extremely cautious about giving these dangerous con artists any money. If serious about working with them or giving them money, first contact any of the 9 original co-founders (all listed on this site) of ezeebuy to recieve a first hand account of Estrada’s fraud and deceit. Scumbag loser/liar.

This image is from one of the many bogus profiles Estrada sets up on start-up or business sites, trying to give himself credibility. 

Additionally, Estrada does much of his con activity on the platform LinkedIn – creating profiles with misleading information.  His personal profile has many false claims detailed elsewhere on this site, but more importantly his fraud company EZeeBUY Experiences has quite an extensive profile on LinkedIn which is updated regularly.  Here is an interesting article about the proliferation of fraud on the LinkedIn platform. 

Please remember:  We are still offering a reward of USD $1,000 for information on the current whereabouts of David Estrada.  We believe he has fled Japan (but are not sure), and is currently residing somewhere in the USA and still trying to run his EZeeBUY Experiences scam.  If you know where the little cockroach is hiding, please contact us at:   Thank you. 

Former Neighbor Recalls Estrada

On a recent visit to one of Estrada’s former residences near Seattle, WA (where he lived with one of his former wives, Keiko), a niebor who remembers Estrada remarked “he moved away a long time ago … thank god he doesn’t live there anymore”.  She recalled that not only was Estrada an asshole, but he had a dog that he neglected and left chained up in the back yard.  Says the neighbor: “We were relieved when he moved away … that dog was never let off the leash and suffered outside … it was a neglected animal.  So sad. “

If you encounter Estrada (especially with people, money or animals) please be careful for your personal, professional and financial safety.  Also, beware of any signs of abuse of those he is around (e.g., wife abuse-check with 3 prior wives; child abuse-ask children how they were encouraged to scam Tokyo shops to try to trick the shop owners into buying crap apparel the kids thought they could scam sell; financial abuse-ask any of the 9 EZeeBUY Experiences founders directly how their money was stolen and never returned; animal abuse-ask Estrada’s prior neighbors about the animal neglect they observed).

This guy is a real piece of garbage and should not be trusted under ANY circumstances.  The EZeeFRAUD Team continue to investigate his current whereabouts to insure that he is not able to harm or scam anyone else. 

The Tinder Swindler

So who has seen “The Tinder Swindler” on Netflix?  Here at EZeeFRAUD headquarters, we watched the documentary with interest and were absolutely AMAZED at the similarities between Simon Leviev and David Estrada.  If you haven’t seen the film we HIGHLY RECOMMEND it – it’ll give you some fascinating insights on how these scumbag cockroach con-artists operate.  Here’s a breakdown of the similarities:

Estrada Family Residences Under Surveillance

The EZeeFRAUD Team have received numerous tips that criminal David Estrada may have fled Japan, and is now located somewhere in the United States.  We are still offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his location so that the authorities may be informed.  Estrada fled prosecution from the Japanese police, and has still not been held to account for the money he has stolen from investors in EZeeBUY.  

It is possible Estrada is hiding either at his parents home in Austin, Texas or with his brother in Redmond, WA.  These properties are under surveillance by private investigators in the hope that David Estrada can be located and turned over to the FBI.

Haruko Estrada located

Haruko Estrada, David Estrada’s (estranged) wife and partner in crime, has been located. It appears she has fled central Tokyo and is hiding out in Nakano ward. Below is a screenshot of her location, which has been identified by the EZeeFRAUD private investigation team. 

David Estrada’s whereabouts remain unknown – we believe he as fled Japan after undergoing numerous interrogations by the Japanese Police. Our Private Investigation team have uncovered evidence that he is currently in the USA and we are offering a US $1,000 reward for verifiable information as to his location. Email any information to:

Misrepresentation of Academic Credentials Continues

We have been recently informed that Estrada has officially/formally “confirmed” he has earned an undergraduate degree (See below screenshot). In other words, despite knowingly not having earned an undergraduate degree from St. Edward’s University (see prior EzeeFRAUD posting in the Hall of Shame section that shows Estrada earned NO degree) Estrada continues to affirmatively, knowingly and under his own free will portray to the public that he has earned a higher level degree. He is a fraud.

If you are currently working with David Estrada or thinking about working with him, carefully complete your due diligence. Confirm his background by checking with other associates who have worked with him in the past. David Estrada has a long trail of fraud, misrepresentation, forgery, wire fraud, identity fraud, lost civil cases in Japan, lost civil cases in USA and arrests in USA. Be very careful. You are dealing with what appears to be a professional scam artist, a thief, a loser.

Child Abuse

We are receiving reports of child abuse by David Eric Estrada. When living in Shibuya David aspired for his children to be street-cool T-shirt creators. David coached his underage boys to recruit their friends to go to local Tokyo trendy stores and insist these stores ask for Estrada’s T-Shirt. Similar to David Estrada’s fraud, there was no T-shirt and he was trying to trick other people to give money for something that doesn’t exist. In the kids’s case, he was coaching the kids on how to trick their friends into misrepresenting a t-shirt, fashion and trend opportunity to get their money. Similarly, Estrada misled investors about a business opportunity called Ezeebuy to get their money.

Using underage children to solicit businesses with the attempt to mislead/fool them into giving money for a product that doesn’t exist is a crime and is considered child abuse. Specifically it is a form of mental/psychological, financial and economic abuse.

If you have other stories of David Estrada child abuse, we encourage you to submit it to Ezeefraud team for review/publication. If you know where David Estrada is hiding, please report him to the local child protective services unit for mental abuse and using a minor to conduct organized crime.

#3rdgenerationcrime family #scumbag #childabuse #protectthechildren

Estrada Changes Residence (again)

The last known residential address for David Estrada & Family was:


23-6 Oyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Berte Yoyogi Oyama 302

We have recently verified that the family no longer lives there:

We have hired Private Investigators to actively search and determine where Estrada is living now.  WE ARE OFFERING A US $500 REWARD for any verifiable information regarding Estrada’s current residence.  Please email us at with any tips. 

Estrada Adds Fake Employees to EZeeBUY

A recent visit to the “Careers” section of the EZeeBUY Experiences website shows that Estrada has hired some staff!  

One has to ask – WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???  Why do they not proudly reveal themselves on LinkedIn as “employees” of EZeeBUY?? Also, why do they not appear on the EZeeBUY Crunchbase profile?? Could it be they are “fake” employees – just to make the company look legitimate?  You know, like the fake lawyers, accountants, and admin assistants that Estrada created when he started the EZeeBUY scam.  So we’re offering a US $1,000 reward to anyone who can introduce us to these “employees” and prove they are real. 

Also, we noticed Estrada’s comical quote on the EZeeBUY “Careers” page:

Here, David –  We fixed it for you:  “We are seeking gullible suckers who enjoy being defrauded by a fake start-up environment and have a desire to fund the lifestyle of a con artist. New hires will lose their shirts and have a direct impact on the current and future state of Estrada’s ability to buy hookers & cocaine.”   – David Estrada – Convicted Criminal & Con Artist

Estrada's Family Koseki (戸籍謄本)

Below is the Estrada Family Koseki. You can read about Japanese Koseki here.  This information could be helpful in locating and prosecuting Estrada for anyone who has been defrauded by him. 

David Estrada FOUND!!

The EZeeFRAUD Team have been informed that David Estrada recently moved residential address in order to avoid collections from civil judgements rendered against him.  In fact, he has moved 3 times in the recent past trying to dodge collection agents and the police.  We have been made aware of his new residential address, through information found in the public domain.

If you are owed money by David Estrada as a result of any civil judgement rendered against him, you can find him here:


If you would like to know his precise residential/mailing address (along with his mobile phone number), please CONTACT us via email at

もし、エストラーダ氏の住居や連絡先などの詳細な情報が必要な場合は、 まで直接連絡をください。

Estrada forms new LLC company

Please be aware that Estrada has formed an LLC company in the United States called “NZO Technologies LLC”.  We suspect Estrada has done this because he intends to take his EZeeBUY fraud to the US, to defraud more investors and VC’s.  

EZeeBUY Website Updated & Re-Designed (Feb 2021)

Please be aware that the EZeeBUY Website has recently been updated and re-designed. This is an indication that David Estrada is still trying to run his EZeeBUY scam to defraud investors.  The website now has scrolling text in different languages, indicating that the FRAUDSTER Estrada is likely trying to take this scam to other countries.  BEWARE!!!  Estrada has a criminal record for fraud, theft and embezzlement and has defrauded numerous investors with this scam.

The SCAM ARTIST has also added some ludicrous marketing nonsense to the top section of the homepage:

No, David – the “PROBLEM” is actually scumbag con artists like you, who can only make a living by fabricating your entire career background, creating fake companies with no product, and conning investors and employees out of money.  Aren’t your family actually ashamed of you?  Or are they all liars and con artists as well??

SOLVED??  Actually, the solution would be sending your thieving ass to prison where you belong, for all of the crimes and frauds you’ve committed.  

While we’re here, let’s remind everyone that the “career opportunities” that still remain on the EZeeBUY website aren’t real jobs at all.  These opportunities don’t actually exist, since your company and software don’t actually exist either.  So … all of the money the co-founders gave you … where did it go?  We still await your explanation.

Estrada FIRED from ScanSoft

We have recently been in touch with anonymous sources at ScanSoft in Japan, where Estrada used to work.  You can refer to his online “resume” which can be found here, where he lists his former employment at ScanSoft.

In our direct communications with ScanSoft sources, we have discovered the following:

  • Estrada was FIRED from ScanSoft for incompetence and dishonesty
  • Estrada’s resume is a complete fabrication – ScanSoft verified that he did not develop strategic partners as he claims
  • Estrada did not sign 8 major clients or negotiate nonsensical “12 months in advance royalty payments” as he claims
  • Estrada told ScanSoft that he was a graduate of Harvard University, which we have proven to be a lie

If any company is considering employing David Estrada, or any person is considering doing business with him, USE EXTREME CAUTION.  Check your facts by verifying his previous employers and colleagues.  Estrada has left numerous victims in his criminal wake, not only those defrauded by his EZeeBUY scam.  Investors, partners and potential employers BEWARE – conduct a thorough due diligence.

Yet Another SCAM EZeeBUY Website

BEWARE!  It appears the fraudster David Estrada has launched yet another scam website as part of his EZeeBUY fraud.  Recently, he launched and has followed it up with

The fraud and scamming just never stops!

BTW, our SEO is getting better!  Anytime people search for “EZeeBUY” or “David Estrada” on major search engines, EZeeFRAUD pages are showing good results.  Add to this our Google Ads, and we hope to prevent anyone else from falling victim to the career criminal David Estrada – or anyone in the Estrada Crime Family.

EZeeFRAUD Named Among Best Fraud Detection Startups

We are pleased to announce that EZeeFRAUD has been names as one of the “51 Best Fraud Detection Startups Based Out of California” by WELP MAGAZINE.  We would like to thank our friends at WELP for this great honor – as all of our supporters know, we are RELENTLESS in our pursuit of justice and WILL NOT REST until David Estrada is behind bars for his crimes.  you can read the Welp article here

EZeeBUY Crunchbase Profile Updated

We are so pleased to announce that the WELP Magazine article about EZeeFRAUD has been added to the EZeeBUY Crunchbase profile!  How cool is that!!

New Google Ads

The EZeeFRAUD Team has recently purchased Google Ads in order to combat the EZeeBUY scam coming to the USA  (See:  The New Scam – EZeeRETAIL, below).  We have purchased several keywords, and when a search is performed on one of those keywords or phrases, one of our ads is delivered.  Here is an example:

The EZeeFRAUD Team are committed to our mission of bringing Estrada to justice for all of the money he has stolen, in addition to preventing other potential investors from being defrauded.

EZeeBUY in Disney Stores ?!?

Through our continued research, the EZeeFRAUD Team has determined that David Estrada engaged a company called Tracxn to help him find investors for his EZeeBUY scam. Tracxn is a platform that tracks innovative companies for VC investors, and appears legit.

Pre-COVID, Estrada was trying to convince Tracxn that EZeeBUY is a legitimate start-up and told one of the Founders, Pankaj Gupta, that EZeeBUY has been implemented in all 49 Disney stores in Japan.  This sounds very similar to the lies Estrada told to potential investors during the Priority Token roadshow in 2018 (see Fraudulent Activities section for details).  Here are some screen shots of a recent conversation we had with Mr. Gupta:

Please BEWARE!  Any investors seeking to provide funding to EZeeBUY, or do business with David Estrada in ANY way, should conduct a thorough due diligence to verify any claims made by Estrada.  He unfortunately has a track record of trying to deceive investors with false and misleading information.

The new scam: EZeeRETAIL

After defrauding numerous investors and vendors using his EZeeBUY scam in Japan, Estrada is now preparing to launch the same fraud in the USA using something called “EZeeRETAIL”.  He has recently set up a new website for the scam,, and has established and LLC and applied for a trademark in the USA (see below: “Estrada establishes a US LLC Company”).  


David Estrada has a criminal record in the USA for THEFT and FRAUD, and is currently under investigation by the Japanese Police for embezzlement related to the EZeeBUY scam he ran in Japan.  Investors and VC’s should use EXTREME CAUTION and conduct a thorough due diligence before investing any money.  Estrada has defrauded numerous investors, co-founders and vendors with this scam in Japan.

More information coming soon.

"Cease and Desist Letter"

The EZeeFRAUD Team have just been made aware that our hosting provider just received some joke “Cease and Desist” letter from a 3rd world “law firm”.  

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s rebut point by point:

  1. The letter alleges that this website publishes “copyrighted works”. Everything we publish is in the public domain, and if any of it is copyrighted we would like proof to that effect.  You see, we’ve checked – and NONE of it is copyrighted or trademarked.  Strike One.
  2. The letter refers to US law and US Copyright Act, which is interesting because is hosted outside of the USA and US Law does not apply.  Strike Two.  [The letter also refers to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is just comical.]
  3.  If Estrada and his website are so concerned about copyright and trademarks, perhaps he should remove the numerous copyrighted images and logos from his own website, which he has NO permission to use.  These include images and logos for Nike, Montcler, Supreme, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, The North Face, Callaway, and many others.  Strike 3.
  4. Three strikes and you’re out, but let’s keep going just for fun.  The letter indicates that Estrada “desires to resolve this matter amicably and assumes that you do as well”.  Well, they got that right!  Our offer still stands: if Estrada repays the money he embezzled from the original 9 co-founders of EZeeBUY, this site will cease operation and the domain will be transferred to Estrada.  Alternatively, Estrada can prove (via audited financial statements) that the 18m Yen invested into EZeeBUY was used for corporate purposes, and not diverted (stolen) and used for his own personal expenses.  That all sounds pretty amicable to us.
  5. As stated earlier, Estrada has a criminal record in the USA for FRAUD and is currently being investigated by the Japanese Police for FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT related to the crimes he has committed using “EZeeBUY” and “EZeeBUY Experiences”.  If Estrada is so innocent, why are the Japanese Police investigating him?  For more information, we encourage our readers to contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Police directly.
  6. We have, and will in the future, comply with any instructions from our host provider – and if we feel our rights to free speech are violated, we will simply move this website to another hosting provider and be up and running again soon.  The EZeeFRAUD Team are committed to ensuring no other investors or innocent parties are defrauded, and committed to seeing that all of the original 9 co-founders of EZeeBUY are repaid their stolen funds.

Estrada Establishes a US LLC company

The EZeeFRAUD Team have recently discovered that David Estrada has recently (2020) established an LLC company in the United States:  Ezeebuy Experiences LLC.  The dun&bradstreet file can be found here.  BEWARE – Estrada could be planning to bring his EZeeBUY scam to the USA.

Interestingly, the D&B database indicates annual revenues for this company are $7 million – if true, that’s plenty of money to repay the original co-founders who were all defrauded, the employees who were never paid, and the vendors who were all stiffed.  What do you say, David??

Stay tuned for further updates on this issue, pending more investigations by the EZeeFRAUD Team.

Update: Falsification of Education Credentials on LinkedIn Continues

Although the EZeeFRAUD Team has made inroads into Estrada’s fake degree listings on LinkedIn by forcing Estrada to remove his fake Harvard University degree from his LinkedIn profile (see below), 

…please be aware that Estrada continues to falsify and misrepresent his Academic Credentials by claiming he has an Undergraduat Degree from St. Edwards University.  To be clear, David Eric Estrada earned NO UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE AT ALL.  Do not be fooled by his LinkedIn claims of earning and Undergraduate degree.

As a reminder, the official USA Degree Verify Registrar Certificate shows that Estrada NEVER graduated from St. Edward’s University.  The screen shots above show that Estrada changes his degree credential claims on LinkedIn over time in an effort to evade detection and continue overstating his academic credentials and achievements. He attempts to trick the average reader by grossly overstating his academic credentials. The average reader then builds up more trust in him and more easily falls from his scams.

If you or your colleagues have been impacted by Estrada’s LinkedIn education falsifications, act now.  Instructions are as follows:

Go to Estrada’s LinkedIn page, and click on “more…”

Select “report this profile”

Select “I think it’s misinformation” (as shown in the screenshot) or select “Violates T&C’s”

Then click “Submit”

Another ABSURD LinkedIn Update!


On or about 28 March 2020, Estrada posted another absurd EZeeBUY update on his LinkedIn page.  You can see the update here, on the right.  Estrada is now claiming that EZeeBUY Experiences is “helping retailers remain in business” by enabling customers to buy products online, and having them shipped to their home.  As if no one ever thought of this before.  

So exactly WHICH retailers are you helping to “remain in business” David??  Isn’t it interesting that he won’t name any of the “retailers” who have deployed the EZeeBUY app.  Could it possibly be because THERE ARE NO RETAILERS, and EZeeBUY is just a big fraud??

2020年3月28日頃エストラーダ氏は、LinkedInに新たな情報を載せました。その情報については右側の写真を参照してください。エストラーダ氏によるとEZeeBUY Experiencesは、オンラインでの購入、商品の自宅への発送を可能にすることで“(コロナウイルスの影響で大変な状況を強いられている)小売業者のビジネスをサポートするきっかけとなっている”と豪語しています。しかし、そもそもこれ自体それほど画期的なアイデアなのでしょうか。しかもどの小売業者のことを指しているのでしょうか。なぜEZeeBUYのアップを利用している小売業者の名前をここで挙げていないのでしょうか。

The EZeeFRAUD Team would like to take this opportunity to remind readers that Estrada defrauded 9 co-founders of their capital investment in EZeeBUY.  None of the investor’s capital was used for the business, and all investments into EZeeBUY remain unaccounted for to this day.  Estrada is currently under investigation by the Japanese Police for FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT related to his EZeeBUY scam.


Another interesting thing to note about the latest “demo” (see screen shots below).  Isn’t it interesting that the user is always told to “…proceed to EZeeBUY express counter number 4” – why ALWAYS counter number 4?  Could it be that this is just a fake demo, and not a real deployment?

もう一つの興味深い事実は、最新のデモ(下の写真を参照してください。)でユーザーは必ず“EZeeBUY expressのカウンター4”を選択するようになっていることです。なぜいつもカウンター4なのか。これはこのデモが実際には存在しないことを示唆しているのではないだろうか。

We challenge Estrada to name each retailer who has deployed EZeeBUY, and as a result can “remain in business” – you know where to find us.



Here is another recent post from Estrada’s LinkedIn Page.  He is now claiming there have been further “developments” to the EZeeBUY App, claiming that “build 9” now supports iOS 13.4 and there is now an improved “reflection filter”.  Screen shots below:

ここにあるのは、エストラーダ氏による最近のLinkedIn からの掲載です。
エストラーダ氏は、EZeeBUYアプリケーションソフトにさらなる開発が加えられ、“build 9” がiOS 13.4をサポートすることによる“リフレクションフィルター(反射フィルター)”が向上したと投稿しています。(*投稿では、反射フィルターの向上により、店舗のショーウィンドウの写真を撮るとき、反射を避けよりクリアな写真を撮ることが可能になったと説明しています。)詳細は、下記のスクリーンショットを参照してください。

We feel compelled to remind everyone that EZEEBUY IS A FRAUD.  

  • David Estrada is currently under investigation by the Japanese Police for FRAUD related to EZeeBUY
  • Numerous investors were previously defrauded after investing in EZeeBUY – their capital remains unaccounted for to this day
  • Numerous vendors who supplied services to EZeeBUY (web developers, employees, consultants, etc.) were NEVER PAID for their work as defined in their contracts signed by David Estrada (we will be publishing some of those here, soon)

• エストラーダ・デイビッド氏は、現在EZeeBUY の詐欺行為に関して日本で警察から取り調べを受けています。
• EZeeBUYに投資をした多くの人達への投資資金は、現時点で使途不明状態です。
• EZeeBUY関連のプロジェクトに携わった多数のベンダー(デベロッパー、従業員、コンサルタント等)への給与の支払いは、エストラーダ氏の署名のある契約書で約束されているにもかかわらず一切行われていません。(この事実に関しての詳細は近日公表します。)

Oh, and by the way, while we were on Estrada’s LinkedIn Page we noticed that he STILL claims that he has a degree from St. Edward’s University:


Please be aware that Estrada DOES NOT HAVE any degree from St. Edward’s University.  This is another one of his lies – refer to the Hall of Shame section for detailed information.

エストラーダ氏は、セントエドワーズ大学での学位を取得していません。詳細は、Hall of Shameのセクションでご確認ください。


Estrada has recently posted a video on his LinkedIn page, bragging about a test of the EZeeBUY app.  Here are a couple of screen shots:


The EZeeFRAUD Team are VERY concerned that Estrada is continuing to perpetrate this fraud, after defrauding numerous investors with this scam in the past.  PLEASE BE AWARE:

  • David Estrada is currently under investigation by the Japanese Police for FRAUD related to EZeeBUY
  • Numerous investors were previously defrauded after investing in EZeeBUY – their capital remains unaccounted for to this day
  • Numerous vendors who supplied services to EZeeBUY (web developers, employees, consultants, etc.) were NEVER PAID for their work as defined in their contracts signed by David Estrada (we will be publishing some of those here, soon)
The EZeeFRAUD Team will continue to monitor the situation, and alert potential investors or employees so that they are not also defrauded.

Mr. Estrada – the people you defrauded have no “RESPECT” for you.

Here’s what happened when Estrada refused to pay the web developers for the original EZeeBUY website:

• エストラーダ・デイビッド氏は、現在EZeeBUY の詐欺行為に関して日本で警察から取り調べを受けています。
• EZeeBUYに投資をした多くの人達への投資資金は、現時点で使途不明状態です。
• EZeeBUY関連のプロジェクトに携わった多数のベンダー(デベロッパー、従業員、コンサルタント等)への給与の支払いは、エストラーダ氏の署名のある契約書で約束されているにもかかわらず一切行われていません。(この事実に関しての詳細は近日公表します。)




The EZeeFRAUD Team have recently received information from our hosting provider about abuse reports related to this website.  We have have now moved to a new hosting provider which provides us with the freedom to publish more information about David Estrada and his frauds – which we hope will serve to protect the public, and prevent others from being defrauded.

Examples of information we will soon publish includes:



  • Corporate Resolutions Documents, with forged signatures
  • Civil cases form Japanese courts, where the defendant was ordered to make restitution to individuals who were defrauded
  • Details of ongoing criminal investigations by the Japanese Police
  • Testimonials and affidavits from individuals who have been defrauded by David Estrada
  • Email correspondence and Telegram chat transcripts between the EZeeBUY founder (Estrada) and co-founders
  • Wire instructions for original capital contributed to EZeeBUY
  • The signed contracts of service providers (vendors) to EZeeBUY who were never paid for their services

• 偽造署名の取締役決議書類
• エストラーダ氏が、詐欺被害にあった各個人に支払いを命じられた民事訴訟のケース
• 詐欺被害にあった人達からの証言や宣誓供述書
• EZeeBUY 創設者であるエストラーダ氏と共同創設者による電子メールを含むやりとり
• EZeeBUY に提供された元の資金の電信送金の指示
• サービスベンダーへの署名付きの契約書 (ちなみにこれらのベンダーへの支払いは、一切完了していません。)

Rest assured that the EZeeFRAUD Team will never deviate from our mission to ensure those guilty of fraud, theft and deception are exposed for the world to see, and brought to justice.  Please stay tuned for further updates soon.