Threat.Technology article about EZeeFRAUD and David Estrada’s EZeeBUY Scam

The Threat.Technology article about EZeeFRAUD is based on the next big challenge in Information Security. The next big challenge will be convincing law enforcement authorities to TAKE ACTION when we expose fraudsters and thieves.  In many of our cases, we uncover irrefutable evidence of fraud and embezzlement, yet the police refuse to prosecute.  We had recent cases like this in Tokyo, Japan and the USA.  In many of these cases, if the embezzlement is less than USD $1 million, the authorities are just not that interested.  This means the “little guy” who is investing $20,000 here, or $150,000 there receives NO JUSTICE.  Many times this is complicated by the fact that the fraudsters are in one country, and the victims are in another.  There are jurisdictional complications as well as other challenges, and most of the time the authorities feel it’s just too much hard work.  We feel this is unacceptable in modern society, and vow to do something about it.  The best thing we can do is prevent fraud before it happens, by providing a platform where comprehensive due diligence can be carried out on those seeking funding for projects. Articles such as the following serve to alert investors about scammers and potential fraud in the startup and ICO space.

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